Storage of packaged minerals

Storage of packaged minerals

When storing minerals in a remote location, you want a guarantee that they are safe. It is also important that minerals are stored under the right conditions.

De Korenschoof specialises in the storage of packaged minerals, offering the perfect conditions and preconditions. This ensures that precious minerals are always safely under lock and key. In addition, our storage locations are always moisture-free. So they are ideal for storing minerals such as salt, chalk, sodium bicarbonate and magnesium oxide.

Our storage location is easily accessible, both via various motorways and by boat: we even have our own unloading quay.

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Why Warehouse Minerals?

Warehousing minerals offers significant advantages for businesses. It enables bulk storage, facilitating economies of scale that can lead to substantial cost savings. By holding large quantities, companies can secure better pricing and minimize transportation expenses. Additionally, warehousing acts as a safeguard against supply chain disruptions. In scenarios of supply shortages or logistical hurdles, a well-stocked warehouse ensures that production can continue without interruption. This strategic approach to mineral storage, exemplified by facilities like De Korenschoof, empowers businesses to maintain steady operations and optimize their supply chain efficiency.

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Why opt for De Korenschoof

With years of experience in packaged mineral storage, we are a reliable partner for suppliers, manufacturers and traders. Our sheds are especially suitable for the storage of all kinds of minerals, and optimal conditions ensure the quality of the minerals remains optimal.

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