Cleaning of raw materials

At De Korenschoof, you can store unprocessed products such as grains, pulses, nuts, seeds, cocoa and coffee. In some cases, these raw materials are still so raw that they contain dust, grit or other unwanted by-products. Grain may still contain sticks, straws, hulls, dust and iron, for example. Cleaning raw materials is then desirable.

At De Korenschoof, we have the right equipment to filter these undesirable substances from the product. Each product requires its own cleaning method. Thanks to our extensive knowledge of different products and the right cleaning method, you can count on a perfectly clean result. We are capable of removing both coarse contamination and fine particles.

reinigingslocatie voor grondstoffen

We use various methods to clean raw materials. We have several screening machines suitable for removing coarse particles. The product is then sieved, thus removing unwanted particles.

Precision cleaning is also an option: air is blown upwards from below along the product. As a result, the lighter fine particles rise above the product, making them easy to separate.

Furthermore, De Korenschoof uses an innovative method for the de-ironing of raw materials, where magnets play a crucial role. By exposing raw materials to a strong rotating magnetic field, iron particles are attracted and separated from the rest. This technique results in an efficient and environmentally friendly purification of raw materials.

schone opslaglocatie en reiniging

After the products are cleaned, we provide a clean storage area. We store products in partitioned compartments, keeping materials strictly separated, and the product pure.

specialist in opslag en reiniging

De Korenschoof is the leading specialist when it comes to cleaning, transshipment and storage of GMO-free raw materials and products. With our separate flat warehouses, each with a large number of sections, we can give a 100% guarantee that there is no mixing of products. Our central location in Harderwijk makes us easily accessible by road and water. Would you like to know more about our services? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to answer your questions!

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