big bag storage facility

Big Bag storage

Looking for an easily accessible place to store Big Bags? De Korenschoof offers a total of 14,000 m2 of storage space for, among other things, filled Big Bags. Therefore, there is always space, regardless of the duration of storage. Our storage location is easily accessible for containers, trucks or barges. De Korenschoof handles storage and transshipment. We have the right machines to unload the Big Bags and transport them to the storage site. We can also split up the Big Bags

for bulk storage. We also offer additional services to bag goods in Big Bags or repack them if the original Big Bags need replacing. Read more about the options below.

big bag storage

Why opt for storage in Big Bags? Using Big Bags has a number of benefits:

  • Hygienic
  • Cost-effective packaging method
  • Easy to use and easy to move
  • Secondary packaging is not required

big bagging solution

As an extra service, De Korenschoof offers the option of transferring the contents from broken Big Bags to new Big Bags and loading them back onto pallets. In addition, we can bag various (cleaned) feed raw materials in Big Bags, to any weight you require. Would you like to know more about any of these services? Do not hesitate to contact us.

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