Warehousing solutions

Warehousing Solutions

At De Korenschoof, we offer various warehousing solutions. Among other, we store (organic) feed raw materials, warehouse minerals and store Big Bags. Read more about our services below.

Storage of Animal feed (organic) raw materials

At De Korenschoof, we prioritize the safe and secure storage of raw materials, ensuring they are handled with the utmost care and attention. This is particularly crucial when it comes to feed raw materials, where the risk of contamination can have significant consequences. One of the key strategies we employ to maintain this high standard is the use of separate facilities. This approach significantly reduces the risk of cross-contamination between stored grains and other raw materials for example. Our commitment to quality and safety has earned us a reputation as a reliable storage location for many years.

Storage of packaged minerals

If you are looking for a storage place for minerals, safety and dryness are paramount. De Korenschoof meets these requirements, offering optimal conditions for the storage of packaged minerals. Our facilities are designed to ensure the integrity of these materials, keeping them safe from environmental hazards and potential contamination.

We are particularly adept at storing minerals such as salt, chalk, sodium bicarbonate, and magnesium oxide. These minerals require specific storage conditions to maintain their quality and effectiveness. At De Korenschoof, we understand these requirements and have tailored our storage facilities to meet these needs. Each mineral is stored separately to prevent cross-contamination, ensuring the purity and quality of each product.

Big bags storage

Big Bags are ideal for storing and/or transporting raw materials. They are strong, hygienic, easy to use and easy to transport. De Korenschoof offers both bagging and storage of raw materials in Big Bags. Read more about the advantages of Big Bag storage below.

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