Storage of Soybeans at de Korenschoof

Storage of Soybeans

At De Korenschoof, we specialize in the storage of non-GMO soybeans, a crucial link in the agricultural supply chain. Our facility, strategically located in Harderwijk, is equipped with the latest technologies and processes specifically tailored to meet the unique requirements of soybean storage. From the moment of receipt to distribution, we adhere to strict protocols to ensure the integrity and quality of the soybeans.


Storage of soybeans

Our storage facilities are specifically designed for the bulk storage of non-GMO soybeans. We utilize silos and flat storage spaces equipped with advanced ventilation systems. These systems regulate the humidity and temperature within the storage spaces, which is crucial to maintain the quality of the soybeans throughout the storage period. The facilities are also designed to enable efficient circulation of the soybeans, minimizing the risk of hotspots and quality degradation.

Sustainable and quality checks

Sustainability is a core value at De Korenschoof. We are committed to minimizing our ecological footprint by implementing energy-efficient storage methods and technologies. Our quality control processes are rigorous, with regular checks of the stored non-GMO soybeans to identify and address any issues early on. This ensures that the non-GMO soybeans retain their nutritional value and remain free from contaminants.

Easy logistics of non GMO soybeans

Our facility has its own docking station on the Veluwemeer, guaranteeing a direct waterway connection to the port of Rotterdam, Antwerp, Amsterdam and Ghent. This strategic position ensures a streamlined inflow and outflow of soybeans. Moreover, our proximity to key highways further enhances our logistical efficiency, especially by leveraging trade routes through Germany. This synergy between water and road transport allows us to respond quickly and adaptably to the logistical requirements of our clients, making optimal use of European trade routes.

Clean and GMO free Soybeans

At De Korenschoof, we understand the importance of reliable and safe storage for non-GMO soybeans. Our facility in Harderwijk is dedicated to providing superior storage solutions, with a focus on quality preservation, sustainability, and efficient distribution. Contact us today to discover how we can optimize the storage and logistics of your soybeans.

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