Storage and transshipment

At De Korenschoof, we offer various services. Indeed, we store (organic) feed raw materials, packaged minerals and Big Bags. Read more about our services below.

SBF_WAUW – De Bron-1165

At De Korenschoof, you can rest assured that the storage of raw materials is always done with the utmost care and attention. Particularly welcome, especially when it comes to feed raw materials, for example. De Korenschoof has been known as a reliable storage location for many years, and for good reason.

Opslag verpakte mineralen

If you are looking for a storage place for packaged minerals, one of the things you will be looking for is a safe place and dry place. De Korenschoof meets these requirements, providing ideal conditions for the storage of packaged minerals.


Big Bags are ideal for storing and/or transporting raw materials. They are strong, hygienic, easy to use and easy to transport. De Korenschoof offers both bagging and storage of raw materials in Big Bags.

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