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Grain Cleaning

A crucial step in sustainable food production

In the production of grains, there is an essential step that is often overlooked: grain cleaning. It is an underestimated but crucial part of agriculture, fundamental for both the quality of the grains and overall food safety. But why is this step so vital?

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Grain cleaning, also known as grain purification, involves the removal of non-grain materials from the harvested grain batch – whether foreign or from the same harvest. These materials can range from dust and dirt to immature grains and other crop residues. The goal is to produce a grain batch as pure as possible.

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There are several reasons why grain cleaning is so important. Firstly, as the term suggests, it contributes to the cleanliness of the grain. This affects the overall quality of the grain, which is then used in a variety of feeds or foods. Additionally, grain cleaning helps to minimize waste, which in turn leads to more efficient use of resources and more sustainable production practices.

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Another important reason for grain cleaning relates to food safety. Waste and foreign materials can be a source of toxins or disease-causing organisms. By removing these materials, the risk of food-related illnesses is reduced.

At De Korenschoof, we specialize in grain purification and the cleaning of other raw materials. We effectively remove grains from all impurities without damaging the grain itself. This is a delicate balance that requires precise control and adjustment of the cleaning equipment.

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In addition to improving the quality and safety of food, grain cleaning also plays a crucial role in the sustainability of agriculture. Cleaning makes it possible to process, store, and transport grain more efficiently, thereby reducing energy consumption. We do not only improve the quality of the final product but also contribute to the safety of the food consumed and the overall sustainability of agriculture.

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