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GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organism. This means that the DNA of organisms has been deliberately modified by humans. De Korenschoof is guaranteed GMO-free: we do not store genetically modified products. This is a key requirement when you have organic produce, and want to store it in a safe place, and avoid GMO contamination.

At De Korenschoof, raw materials are always stored fully separated from each other, eliminating the risk of contamination with other, unwanted, substances. If you want to be sure that your products can be stored safely and cleanly, De Korenschoof is therefore the right place for you!

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GMO-free, or Non GMO, basically means that there is less than 0.9% (the EU rule) of genetically modified material in a product. In our case, it means that we categorically do not stock products containing any genetically modified material.

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Because we do not allow genetically modified raw materials in our storage, we are guaranteed GMO-free. This makes us the perfect storage place for storing animal feed ingredients, and organic raw materials.

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De Korenschoof holds several certificates that underline the safety and quality of our storage. Among other things, this allows us to demonstrate that we are completely GMO-free. For example, we hold GMP+ MI105 GMO controlled and SKAL certificates, which control and guarantee the absence of genetically modified organisms.

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