gmo vrije opslag van grondstoffen

Quality certificates

To offer our services at the highest level and guarantee quality, De Korenschoof holds a number of important certificates. Regular (un)announced audits take place.

Important certificates include our GMP+ MI105 GMO controlled certificate and the SKAL certificate. These certificates guarantee that we are capable of processing and storing (organic) products, and that we meet the highest safety and quality standards. They are important, for example, for the storage of (biological) feed raw materials and to demonstrate that our storage is entirely GMO-free .

GMP+ MI105 GMO controlled certificate

We hold the GMP+ MI105 controlled certificate: the leading quality certification for the animal feed industry. GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practices, and checks that a product or service meets set quality standards.

For GMP certification, how and under what conditions a product is made, processed or handled is accurately recorded from start to finish. This ensures at each step that the animal feed continues to meet safety requirements.

GMP+ FRA Certificate

We are in possession of the GMP+ FRA certificate: a quality certification for businesses that proves compliance with market requirements for responsible operations concerning humans and the environment.

SKAL certificate


Every company that stores organic raw materials, semi-finished or finished products must be certified for this through a SKAL certificate. SKAL is a regulator of organic production and ensures that organic production, processing and trading comply with the EU organic regulation, the Dutch Agricultural Quality Act and the regulations and principles of Skal Biocontrole.

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