De Korenschoof: specialist in storage

De Korenschoof specialises in the storage/transshipment and cleaning of products.

We offer storage facilities for both large and small lots (minimum of 100 m2), with holding times ranging from one day to one year.

Originating from family business and trading company De Bron BV, which started back in 1953 as a minerals and core feed factory, we grew rapidly and raw material storage became an integral part of our operations. In 2022, due to the rapid growth, it was decided to split up the different business units and continue all activities concerning the storage and cleaning of raw materials under the name: De Korenschoof. De Korenschoof offers storage space for feed raw materials, packaged minerals and Big Bags.

Not only are we storage giants, we are also specialists in the cleaningĀ of grains and the filling of feed raw materials in Big Bags.

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De Korenschoof is ideally located in Harderwijk, close to various motorways and directly on the Lorentzhaven. We have our own quay (300m unloading quay), a weighbridge, a transfer crane, two shovels and two forklifts. This enables us to load and unload containers and ships and repack raw materials into Big Bags.

Why opt for De Korenschoof


Easily accessible by road and water.


Guaranteed no mixing of products.


Storage units available from 100 sq m.


Cleaning of ingredients.

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We believe it is important to do our bit to take care of our planet. We primarily do this by allowing only GMO-free raw materials into our storage. We are also actively committed to reducing our Co2 footprint. We do so, for example, by obtaining our energy from solar panels. As a result, we are completely energy-neutral. Do you have questions about any of our services or location? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We’ll be happy to help you!

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