Storage specialist

De Korenschoof in Harderwijk offers storage space for feed raw materials, minerals and Big Bags. Guaranteed GMO-free. Not only are we storage specialist, we are also specialists in the cleaning of grains and the filling of feed raw materials in Big Bags.

14,000 m2 or 22,000 mt of storage

Our warehouse has over 14,000m2 or 22,000 sq m. of space for storing feed raw materials and minerals, among other things. All ingredients are stored in dry, partitioned compartments. This ensures that ingredients remain strictly separated from each other, and there is no risk of contamination.

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Storage of raw materials

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Storage of packaged minerals

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Big Bags storage

GMO free
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Cleaning of grains
SBF_WAUW – De Bron-1189

Cleaning of
raw materials

Why opt for De Korenschoof


Easily accessible by road and water.


Guaranteed no mixing of products.


Storage units available from 100 sq m.


Cleaning of ingredients.

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De Korenschoof originated from family business and trading company De Bron BV. In 1953, De Bron started as a minerals and core animal feed factory in Lunteren. In 1983, it expanded to Harderwijk, supplementing its operations with storage, production and trading of toasted soybeans. In 2013, De Bron moved to a new location, and the storage and cleaning of ingredients took on a bigger role. As we continued to grow, in 2022, the decision was taken to break up the different businesses and continue our warehousing and cleaning facilities under the name: De Korenschoof. De Korenschoof specialises in storage/transfer and cleaning of raw materials.